Daniel Grendon

Daniel Grendon is a Sydney based photographer and retoucher. He completed a bachelor of Visual Communication majoring in photography from Raffles college of design in 2015.

Upon moving to the UK in 2008, I found that photography was the tool that allowed me to connect to the new city and surroundings I was in. Since then, I have been capturing moments and scenes from my daily life in order to preserve memories and moments that are special to me. This is where my passion began. Mainly working in film and with my own personal projects, I sought to learn more and turn my passion into something I could share with others and use to create a life for myself. The biggest influences to my personal projects include the idea of home, travel and my relationships. 

Since then, Daniel has worked at Contact Sheet as a Gallery Manager, curated exhibitions, assisted William Yang and has been facilitating workshops and courses in his spare time.  He currently works for the University of Sydney in the Marketing and Communications photography department. 

Image - Stefanie Zingsheim