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Contact Sheet has been running photography education, courses and mentorship for 4 years. We're proud to contribute to the growth of photography in Sydney.
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For anyone thinking about doing the Mentorship Program just book it now! You are guaranteed to learn so much and be inspired. I cannot recommend it highly enough."
Norberto Tongoy

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"From the outset I was impressed with the mentorship program... Since the mentorship I have self-published three publications and have found my photography substantially improved." 
Matthew Dunne

Paul has an amazing gift to upskill his students. His technique allows them to dive deep within to wake up a part of themselves that enables them to express and pull out the best from their creative minds.
 Izz Seger

Photography education
Paul McDonald prepares teaching notes

The Contact Sheet mentorship program has positively changed everything for me. Paul’s open, supportive yet challenging approach has set me on an entirely new journey to my art. Questions of composition and technique were replaced with questions about concept, theme and substance. The course of our odyssey navigated the landscape of art, photographic masters, the realm of personal challenges, human relationships, the demands of prospective audiences and the realities of exhibiting and selling art today. The crucible of this mentorship has helped me to re-define and re-shape my photographic practice. This has been the most valuable experience of my entire life. It is quite literally priceless.
Gerard Azar

I want to express my thanks for your session yesterday, and to all mentors, for creating this experience. It has been a deeply rich experience on many levels and that is only after one assignment!
Iain Maclachlan
"Over the course of the mentorship and working with Paul, I was challenged in the way I think about and look at photography, which was great and helped me look at my business in a new way.
I couldn’t have been happier with the program and how I have developed my work.
Mitch Fong

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it was exactly what I needed. Not only was it a practical session in creating visual consistency and how to do it, but great validation of the path I am on.
Marea Reed
"Studying/learning with others of similar ilk is fantastic.  Whilst we all identify as photographers, each person that looks at your work or hears your ideas can give a very different point of view which you hadn’t considered.  Having your ideas heard or your work is seen by people you respect is a wonderful way to move forward.
Filomena Rizzo
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