Course Level Structure

We want our programs to reach all areas of our community no matter your personal situation. If you are unable to cover the cost of the program, please contact us about our Scholarship program. 

We won’t ask you to fill in any scary forms or write 500 words explaining your life! Just a quick chat with one of our team. 

We have created a new tier system for our online programs. If you have any questions please free to contact or email your contact information and we will call you back. 

Self Paced

    • Join the live online lecture at the scheduled time (AEST) 
    • A 2-hour class per fortnight (4 Classes over 8 weeks).
    • A guide on how to organise your archive emailed to you. 
    • 3 exercises emailed to you which will help you create your archive. 
    • Please note you can upgrade to Group Review or Individual Review at any time. 
    • An opportunity to ask questions on content presented by our mentor. Please note we cannot guarantee all students questions can be answered within the set time. But we will do our best to :-) 
    • The discussion will be based on the content presented. Review and feedback of students work are provided in the Group Review or Individual Review levels. 
    • Total Duration - 8 Hours 
    • Price - $150.00 Incl. GST (Price TBC)

Group Review 

    • All content provided in Self-Paced
    • Four one-hour group feedback sessions (after each lecture)
    • Group Class Room Size - Maximum 6 people 
    • Total Duration 12 Hours
    • Price - $299.00 Incl. GST (Price TBC)

Individual Review 

    • All content provided in ‘Self-Paced'
    • 3 one-hour online one on one sessions to review your archive and work individually at a set time to suit you.
    • You’ll receive personalised feedback from your mentor on your work and advice on how to develop it further.
    • Total Duration | Lecture - 8 Hours, One on Ones - 3 Hours.
    • $499.00 Incl. GST  (Price TBC)


  • We offer 2 free enrolments for this program as part of the Contact Sheet Education Support Program.
  • All content provided in ‘Self Paced' 
  • Plus the option to join the group sessions or have one on one feedback with our mentors.

If you have any questions please email us at or call us on 0416 053 665

Thank you