Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did | Josh Harris

Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did | Josh Harris

Josh Harris | Artist 

Exhibiting artist at 'Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did' | Group Exhibition. 

Opens to the public 4th September 2019, 6pm - 8pm.  


Tell us about yourself.

I am interested in depth, in complexity, in the grey areas of life. My work focuses on the notion of connection and disconnection. Whether it be within relationships, communities, societies, or the environment. I’m profoundly interested in how nature sustains us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What can the audience expect of your response to the theme?

The work touches on how we think about and process ideas of loss and miscommunication. How do we reconcile lingering emotion or regret through the passage of time? Are these thoughts and feelings rigid and immovable or fluid and ever-changing? 

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Nostalgic, pensive, subterranean. 

If you could say 1 thing to an ex lover, what would you say?

Thanks for letting me go. 


ARTIST BIO: My name is Josh Harris and I'm a Sydney based visual storyteller. I studied Digital Media at Billy Blue College of Design and Graphic Design at the University of New South Wales (COFA). I use photography and film to tell stories focusing on environmental and social issues. My aim is to reveal how we can improve the way we coexist and thrive on this planet. Outside of my work, I am especially passionate about nature and endeavour to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Follow Josh on Instagram here: @jjharris