Arles Mentorship Program - Interview with Claire Monneraye

Arles Mentorship Program - Interview with Claire Monneraye

Why is the Arles mentorship program a unique opportunity?

A unique opportunity to live and breathe photography. The program is a full and fun immersion into photography but above all, a great occasion to discover new works, share ideas and meet people.

What unique skill set will you be bringing to the Arles mentorship program?

My love for and knowledge about photography and my experience in curating and producing exhibitions.

What will students be leaving Arles with?

Students will leave Arles inspired, with new ideas and contacts, ready to tackle any projects they have been dreaming of.

What does it mean to be a mentor?

Mentoring is above all about providing guidance and advice, but most especially about sharing knowledge and experience. To me, mentoring is always an active conversation.

What kind of crowd can students expect to rub shoulders with at the Arles Festival? 

From up and coming artists to master photographers, from independent publishers to internationally renowned curators, Arles is the place to be for anyone interested in photography.

After studying Literature and Philosophy, Claire Monneraye graduated with a Bachelor in Art History and a Master in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies. She worked at the Centre Pompidou and at the Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Grand Palais as Exhibition Registrar and Exhibition Project Manager. Her projects included Louise Bourgeois (Tate Modern ; Centre Pompidou ; Guggenheim Museum, New York), Picasso - Cézanne (Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence), Tao - Another Way of Being (Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais), Orientalism in Europe (Kunsthalle der Hypo Kulturstiftung, Münich ; Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique ; La Vieille Charité, Marseille) and Monumenta 2011 - Anish Kapoor (Grand Palais).
In 2011, she joined the Australian Centre for Photography, Australia’s leading organisation dedicated to the photographic medium. As the Curator, she accompanied the institution’s transition towards a new model through redefining the curatorial identity and programming strategy. With curatorial interests spanning a wide range of photographic expressions, she published essays, took part in symposiums and curated numerous exhibitions of various scale and in a diversity of local and international contexts, including Under the sun : Reimagining Max Dupain's Sunbaker which was presented at the State Library of NSW and Monash Gallery of Art. She currently works as Exhibition Manager, Agence France-Muséums (Louvre Abu Dhabi).