Student - Dale Harper

Student - Dale Harper

How long were you into photography before starting the course?

Many years. Seriously just 5 years. 

What is the main piece of advice you would tell someone interested in photography?

Take a lot of photographs. Seriously a lot. Way more than you think you need to. Every photo teaches a lesson. Given most are failures you learn a lot more if you fail a lot more.

Learn the visual language of photography. There is such a large "history of photographs" to get up to speed with. This is important to know not just the history, and the celebrated photographers, but also critically the well known photographs themselves. Yep, it's a big ask, but you have to do it. To understand how to move forward with your own photography.

What advice would you give someone starting this course?

Be vulnerable and honest. The course is at its most rewarding and provides most value if you open up to your colleagues and your mentors.

Go in with an open mind. Photography is a field where everyone has an opinion. See if you can counter volunteering your opinion with an open mind.

The more I photograph the less I judge.  

How did you find learning with others of a similar ilk?

 Really fun, and the relationships formed are for life. Seriously. 

What goal did you have for yourself starting this course?

To become an artist. 

How has your work progressed since the mentorship?

That's a question I'd rather have someone else answer. 

If forced to answer!... embarrassingly I'm much more humble - embarrassing of course because I've never had any real reason in my work to be anything other than humble. 

How did you find the workload?

Pretty challenging, but the Mentor's are incredibly accessible and a weird mixture of tough, uncompromising and super cool folks. 

What did you NOT expect to gain from the mentorship program?

  1. Long-term deep friendships.
  1. A chance, no matter how slim, fantastical, or delusional a notion, to even remotely consider a path as an artist.




Interview by Caitlyn Hurley and Nate Warburton