The Study of the Portrait

The Study of the Portrait

In this program you will explore the history, psychological, emotional and technical aspects of the portrait.


We will discuss and examine how portrait photography is influenced by art history and discuss how artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Nan Goldin have referenced classical paintings in their practice.


Through assignments, research and reading you will learn how to develop and further your portrait-making skills by creating a conceptual framework and pre-visualisation. You will learn how to develop a rapport and relationship with your subject that will produce intimate and unique portraits.


Working over 10 sessions we will work through a series of presentations, discussions and practical exploring the following areas:

  • Art History and Symbolism
  • Environmental Portraiture
  • Composition and structure of a Portrait 
  • The Self-portrait
  • Street Portraiture 
  • The Nude (Naked vs Nude)
  • Lighting (Practical)
  • Medium format photography


Please note you will be expected to show work each session and to deliver a final presentation to the group at the end of the program.