Loud and Luminous | Online Exhibition - Week 1

Loud and Luminous | Online Exhibition - Week 1

This week we feature artists, Adrienne Gilligan, Alejandra Olavarria, Alesia Tabone, Mel Anderson, Ann Vardanega, Anni Payne, Barbara McGrady, Belinda Pratten, Bernadette Keys and Beth Jennings. 


Adrienne Myszka, Poverty VS Wealth

A Soweto African woman forages for food whilst on the other side of the road a new shopping complex is constructed in back view. A clear and constant reminder to the people living in this shanty town of the wealth that could bring them a better life that is so close but so out of reach.

Alejandra Olavarria

In my photographic practice, I strive to capture unguarded moments. Those spaces in existence that reveal beauty, vulnerability and truth. This image forms part of a larger body of work dealing with frailty and ‘nakedness’, both literal and figurative whereby the human body is revealed as existing within a larger chain of events, dependant on the self as much as losing itself to wider human emotions.

Alesia  Tabone

This is a personal project about my grandmother, Dawn Clark. My grandmother moved in a month before I was born for one night after her husband passed away, 25 years on she still lives in the family home. This project looks at her life as she now goes through the difficult task of ageing in our family home and the transition to care. My grandmother never missed a game growing up, she taught me how to drive, how to empathise with others and how to love. In a world telling us that women are not strong may they look into her eyes and be gravely mistaken.

Melissa Anderson 

“GailForce” Gail Austen; OAM

“When I said the women were going out round 4pm, all the other teams - all three of them - Miami, Straddie and Brisbane - got into a huddle. It was too dangerous for women they said. “Bad luck,” I said, “My women are going out and if you can’t match it - tough.” They went out, and we won. That was surfing history at its best.”


Ann Vardanega

Equality is not about being the same, 
It is instead being an individual in a crowded space,
To own your own destiny,
To be empowered.

Equality is the prospect for self-determination,
It is about having freedom and choice,
The opportunity to find your own direction,
To be enabled.

Equality has the option to lead,
The strength to encourage and support another on their journey,
To allow others around to succeed,
To be engaged.

Equality is an acknowledgment of potential and success,
It knows you are worthy of your reward,
To be considered an equal,
To reach equality.

Anni Payne - Masked BFFs

I am loving how my eleven year old and friends are so gender inclusive - this seemed especially evident when they stood innocently in line here wearing these individualised yet non-specific masks that they had created showing different identities on equal terms.

I was also both happily inspired and reminded of two great female photographers Inge Morath and Diane Arbus - Morath because of her mask series with Saul Steinberg and Arbus because she treated her subjects with equal parts brutal honesty and humane empathy.

Barbara McGrady  - Barb’s Big Photo Shoot.

The spate of shootings of African Americans & POC by police and authorities had caught my attention as we had an ongoing issue with ‘deaths in custody’ and police targeting of Aboriginal people in my own country.

So I called on my African American friends living here and others who wanted to take part in Barb’s Big Photo Shoot at The Block in Redfern as a protest.

And to my amazement my call was answered.

Belinda Pratten - Water Sisters

Lee: “I learnt I had to earn respect in her community.” Lavinia: “…and I had to learn what respect meant, out of my community.” Lee: “Coming from a private girls’ school, my dad said your privilege doesn’t make you better than someone...it makes you obligated to help people less fortunate. From this, I took on an Aboriginal project at the school where I was teaching. Vin came to my school and I had a few mothering hats on for her, I was her PE teacher, her year coordinator and she was in my Aboriginal support program.

Bernadette Keys - Ollie & Jayne

Avant-garde composer, Ollie Olsen and partner Jayne both identify as non-binary. Both hold trans inclusive views and hope for an Australia where one day Penny Wong is PM.

Beth Jennings

Lauren Turning Thirteen I used to get really annoyed walking into a shopping centre. For the boys it was blue, black, green and for the girls was pink, pink, pink. You’d find a bit of yellow or purple, but most items were pink. There’s no pink in the boys section. I guess I have to be sympathetic towards the clothes makers because they are going with what most girls like. But most of my friends and I don’t go for pink. For my 13th birthday I will make a rainbow coloured Lindt ball cake with lemon, milk, white, and strawberry, but not dark. There will be heaps of lollies and chocolates in the cake and some outside like a waterfall.