the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
· relating to the place where one lives
· return by instinct to its territory after leaving it.

Opening Event: March 24th - 5pm - 10pm.

Featuring artists: Brian Cassey, Daniel Grendon, Godelieve Mols, Isabelle Baumann Ivana Jovanovic, Lola Alexander, Michael Jalaru Torres, Nick Pont, Samantha Mackie, Zorica Purlija

Wed - Fri:  11am - 5pm
Sat:  11am - 3pm

Contact Sheet - Gallery 60 Atchison St, St Leonards NSW, Australia, 2065 


The topic of Home, the concept of Home, the definition and understanding of Home is different to each and every person in the world. This is what has made this topic so interesting to us and why we wanted to have artists respond to ‘Home’ for our upcoming exhibition.

So many different factors come into how you think of home and how that meaning was formed for you whether it be from your family, culture, city of birth, country of birth or just where you feel you belong. Artists were approached for the quality of their portfolios and only given the concept to respond to with a submission. This made the exhibition so exciting to put together because we didn’t know what we would receiving – the only tie that each work was created or selected by the artists using the ‘Concept’ brief above.

We approached this exhibition and artists with a Sydney focus - because the exhibition is to be held here – however, we wanted a vast and diverse group of artists. So we are extremely excited that we are showcasing the work of artists from not only the different areas of Sydney, but also, Central Coast, North Queensland & Broome in WA. It was important to us that we curated artists from many different backgrounds to get the different perspectives that these people would bring. First Australian, migrant Australian, first generation, second... etc.

As every person has a different understanding of what Home is to them – we hope this exhibition will make the audience look at and consider their own meaning of Home as they progress through the show, taking in each artists work. We are proud to present and invite you to HOME.