Decisive Moment

Decisive Moment



Decisive Moment – Group Photographic Exhibition

Curated by Paul McDonald (contact sheet) and Sandy Edwards (Arthere)

Each artist has selected a single photograph.
Each work represents a decisive moment within the artist’s practice, which informed their future work or career.

On 11 October 2015 we celebrated the first Birthday of contact sheet. Over 250 people joined us to view the works of some of Australia’s leading contemporary photographers. The exhibition features 39 photographers Who were each asked each to select a single photograph, which represents a decisive moment within the artist’s practice, which informed his or her future work or career. A unique exhibition in which the photographers are exhibiting work which may have not be shown before and many went through their archives to find their decisive moment.

Full list of exhibiting artists are Matthew Abbott, Ben Ali Ong, Jim Anderson, Christian Blanchard, Anthony Browell, Steven Cavanagh, Catherine Cloran, Jill Crossley, Lynn Daryl Smith, Ruby Davies, Jagath Dheerasekara, Ella Dreyfus, Sandy Edwards, Phillip George, Helen Grace, Tim Hixson, Bob Kersey, Kellie Leczinska, Jon Lewis, Glenn Lockitch, Thomas Luscombe, Paul McDonald, Robert McFarlane, Peter Milne, Tony Nolan, Ian Provest, Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, Moshe Rosenzveig, Roger Scott, Michael Snelling, Rob Scott-Mitchell, Peter Solness, Julie Sundberg, John Swainston, Jenny Templin, Gordon Undy, Fiona Wolf-Symeonides, William Yang, Anne Zahalka

The exhibition has now been extended until 21st November 2015.
Wednesday – Friday – 11am-6pm
Saturday – 11am-3pm
For further information please contact Paul McDonald – 0416 053 665