Cameron Longshaw - Head On 2019

Cameron Longshaw - Head On 2019

For Head On 2019, Cameron Longshaw decided to focus on the unintended design of cities, what its like when the calculated design choices of man are interfered with by the chaos of nature. We asked a few questions about his creative process.


Where were your photos taken?

The photos were taken in the major cities around Australia during photographic work trips. At the end of long days photographing professionally, I would take my film camera out and unwind by doing even more photography.

Why do you choose to shoot in black & white?

Black & white works for me for a number of reasons. It slows down my compositional process and helps me focus on the scene more; digital is not as good with the soft gradations of the very light tones; and most importantly, I think cities are better in black and white.

What gave you the idea of focusing on the unintended design of Australian cities?

Chaotic scenes have always attracted me. I rarely take a photo of a well-presented scene. Over time I’ve realised that scenes with interesting designs are created spontaneously. Even new architecturally-designed buildings soon have changes made to them that weren't intended. It reminds me that everything is subject to natural forces, and control is a bit of an illusion.

Which was your most difficult photo to shoot?

Most of the images are empty of people, but they were full of people at the time. Finding a second when no people were passing took a little patience.