Michelle Lake - Artist Bio

I am a narrative photographic artist based in Sydney. Creating images of the natural world, my work is an exploration into the innate spiritual connection I have with the land & nature. Travelling to some of Australia's most rugged and beautiful landscapes, I have captured the reverence of those moments and invite the viewer to see the world as I do.

I have also spent time working and volunteering in some of Australia's remote communities in the East Kimberley and North East Arnhem Land. I have been fortunate enough to work with organisations such as the Yothu Yindi Foundation and Gadigal Information Services. It was here against the back drop of boabs and stringy barks, that I developed a passion for the outback and it cemented my fate as a landscape photographer.

My current body of work, titled the "Fragility of Flowers" is a personal project which explores the connection I have to my own feelings of love, loss and hope. Using emotive lighting, they aim to capture the vulnerability that exists in us all.

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