Thirteen reasons to sign-up for our photography mentorship

Thirteen reasons to sign-up for our photography mentorship


Reason 1. We are creative thinkers.

We sit down and go through the theory with you. You don’t need to be an academic superstar to succeed with us. Through monthly assignments, we will teach you about the fundamentals of photography and help you to develop your creative practice. 


Reason 2. Our Thirteen mentor, Cherie McNair. 

Cherie is an experienced arts and culture industries professional with experience spanning 20 years across the visual arts, museums and galleries sector in Australia and the United Kingdom. Cherie has delivered over 200 exhibitions, one of the most recent exhibitions being ‘resonance’ by Contact Sheet’s very own, Paul McDonald (more on him later). Cherie is an industry expert and will provide invaluable guidance throughout the mentorship on how to produce and develop your photographic project for the 13 day exhibition.


Reason 3. We are doers. 

We are proactive about your education. In each mentorship session, we will set a new assignment as well as review the assignment for the last month. Each week you will get detailed and personal feedback. Each assignment will be set with the development of your project in mind. As the mentorship continues, these assignments will become personally tailored to guide your project and build on your ideas.


Reason 4. Our mentor, David Charles Collins.

David is a practising artist, specialising in photography and video media. David is interested in how to engage and immerse his audience, rather than keeping them as distant observers. David exhibits regularly and will be able to share his experiences of developing work for exhibition. He will also be providing guidance to students that are interested in creating multimedia projects. 


Reason 5. We are makers.

We make photographs too. We know about creative block, imposter syndrome and being too afraid to make new work. You don’t need to have an idea for a project to take part in this mentorship. We can help you experience photography in a new way and discover your artistic voice. 


Reason 6. Our mentor, Asher Milgate.

Asher is an artist and curator. He works predominantly with photography, sound and video. Much of Ashers work has focused on the documentation of regional landscape and communities. Asher is the creator of the multi platform project, SURVIVORS. If you have an interest in long form documentary storytelling, Asher will be able to guide you through the process to create work that makes an impact. 


Reason 7. We are experts in our fields.

Between the 5 of us, we have over 80 years of combined industry experience. And we want to share it with you. That doesn’t even factor in the special mentor guests that will be hosting one off workshops during the mentorship sessions!


Reason 8. Our mentor, Ben Ali Ong.

Ben is a multi award winning photographer, working predominantly across photography, video and mixed media. Ben chooses to work solely in black and white and his brooding photographs are defined by their use of dream-like imagery. He has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions for over a decade and has been a finalist in many prestigious photographic awards. Ben is currently represented by Artereal Gallery. 


Reason 9. We’re breaking down barriers and connecting people.

We believe in building a supportive creative community. Working as an artist or photographer can be lonely existence sometimes! We provide a platform to make connections, both with your course mates and with leading industry professionals. By signing up as a student with us, you’ll be enrolled onto our membership program so that you can continue to make connections and get your work seen. 


Reason 10. Our mentor, Paul McDonald.

Paul is not only the all singing, all dancing director of Contact Sheet, he is also an established photographic artist in his own right (as well as an experienced educator and curator). Paul’s varied experience puts him in the unique position to understand how to develop a body of work from both a curators and an artists point of view. You may have caught Paul’s most recent exhibition, ‘resonance’ (currently showing at Contact Sheet until August 10th). As a mentor, Paul will provide guidance on all aspects of your creative practise, from how to develop your ideas, to how to operate as a professional artist. 


Reason 11. A 13 day exhibition.

This 13 month mentorship concludes in a 13 day group exhibition at Contact Sheet. The exhibition will be curated by your mentors and your work will be seen by leading industry professionals. We want to provide you with a springboard for your photographic career. 


Reason 12. Because we do photography education differently.

We’re not about putting you in a box. We’re about letting you discover your style, genre and niche. We encourage you to experiment so you can find your unique voice. 


Reason 13. To improve your photography!

Put simply, this mentorship will provide the support and motivation, that we all need, to make your creative ideas a reality. You will learn from experts and create connections. And you will finish the mentorship with a body of work to be proud of and an exhibition under your belt.  


What are you waiting for? Book your place now.

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