Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did | Mei Cheng Lu

Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did. Group Exhibition at Contact Sheet.

Mei Cheng Lu | Artist 

Exhibiting artist at 'Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did' | Group Exhibition. 

Opens to the public 4th September 2019, 6pm - 8pm.  


Tell us about yourself.

Hello, I’m Mei Cheng but typically go with just the initials, MC. To be featured in this show as my first debut, is the boldest initiative I have taken and I am both thrilled and a bit frightened.

3 years back, my decision to go with the arts as my undergrad were baffling to many people (I knew where they were coming from) but still persisted. However upon starting the course, I began to assess myself quite critically and became doubtful in where I was. Placed alongside my cohort, everything seemed “big”. My practice was also quite bounded by the headspace I was in at the time.

In the final year of my degree, I encountered various muses: old classmates and familiar strangers just as I was beginning to take more risks in challenging myself. Although these moments were brief and fleeting, their presence was enough to keep me sustained. In spite of this, I was still guarded and aloof- which probably affected some people…

This turmoil soon took a manifestation in real odd and random places: sign posts, a pop-up gallery, a car-plate and various things which have ultimately landed me into this show. 

What can the audience expect of your response to the theme?

It’s quite childish, tiresome and frustrating to read, but it captures the state of being convoluted.  It also illustrates and evokes the loss of capacity to formulate and express-“the things one wanted to say, but never did”.

Describe yourself in 3 words  

A Whimsy, Persistent, Snail 

ARTIST BIO: MC has recently completed a BFA (Painting) at the National Art School. Although initially working with paint, her interest in capturing textures, layers and transparency have led her practice into exploring with mixed media- predominantly resin and tissue. Subjectively, her works often portrays ambiguous figures and the preservation in capturing time and memory.

Follow Mei on Instagram here: @just_mellu