Interview with Tabea Simple - Alone No More

Interview with Tabea Simple - Alone No More

How important is loneliness? 

Learning to be alone may be initially scary, but spending time with yourself allows you to discover who you are and learning to trust your inner voice is something that helps you grow as a human being. The experience and knowledge with and about yourself can prepare the way for what lies ahead. Maybe a new beginning? A new chapter of your life.

Is there a strength to being lonely?

For sure. Sometimes in life when we are forced to walk alone, we ask ourselves why things are going wrong? If it is our fault and that's the reason why we are alone.

This is a process of reflecting and discovering. When we ask ourselves who we are and what we want, what our needs and expectations are for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

When we find answers, we also find a new power that helps us move forward - stronger and better than before.

What is it like to emerge out of loneliness?

For me, coming out of loneliness means to be free again, to love and appreciate life, my new love, the security of my family.

Every single day is a gift.

What is your connection to the land your photographing?

A large part of the images from my Alone No More - series was made in Iceland.

For me, Iceland has a special meaning because it was not only my first time traveling to this country - but also the first time that I have used the incredible beauty of nature to create images that process the experiences and happenings from my past.

This was my way of manifesting joy and gratitude and overcoming a difficult and dark time in my life.

So, for me, no country seemed more suitable than Iceland with her almost surreal places: black beaches, picturesque smoky mountains, spectacular waterfalls, glaciers, lava rock fields, the landscape is breathtaking and changes almost every hour on the way.

What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?

Life inspires me, people and friends from my environment, nature, travel, movies, books, music.

What upset me? Superficiality, prejudice, arrogance, indifference, violence, the way we treat our earth.

Interview by Nate Warburton  

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