Interview with Ena Yanai - You Are Here

Interview with Ena Yanai - You Are Here

What is your connection to the land your photographing?

Previously, I presented a work with a motif of snowy mountains. A friend who saw the work taught the existence of "a desert like a snowy mountain". I decided to go to America to see the landscape with my own eyes. As I learned later, white sand is a sediment of the ancient seabed, it is a plaster that passed a lot of time.
The place was used as a nuclear test before.

What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?

I am inspired by discovering small things in my daily life. Various cultures, music, movies, travels, nature and the universe. Conversely, violence and the earth destruction upsets me.

How do you find existence in the endless “wilderness"?

This time I was able to find its existence inevitably in the place where I confirmed my position. In that sense the map might have been the key. The existence that there existed quietly where there was no one is always overlap myself. At the same time, I get impressed and courageous what I encountered in the wilderness.

Is it important to never stop “seeking"?

For me, It is important. Because it is a quest of Who am I?

How does "connecting with people” help find existence?

I think that "to connect with people" can find a part of me or you. so, we can share consciousness and be able to help each other... I think.


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