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So, you’re ready to commit to a course…but which one is right for you? This week we’re giving you the lowdown on our photography education programs for 2019. 

Contact Sheet opened its doors in 2014. Since opening, presented over 40 exhibitions, a series of free public programs attracting an audience of over 5,000 visitors. As Director of Contact Sheet Paul has provided a structured mentoring program to over 40 clients, workshops for over 120 clients. He works in partnership with TWT Developments, Building Hope Foundation and Brand X.

The Confidence Builder -Ways of Seeing

This 6-month mentorship covers finding your own style, right through to applying for funding. What more could you need?

Ways of Seeing covers a diverse range of artistic and practical points, with real-life experience and anecdotes from selected guest speakers.

This mentorship and development program has been designed for participants who are committed, driven and wish to be challenged to achieve their creative goals.

This program is highly personalised, we work around your ideas/concepts to build your style.

The Portfolio Builder – Thirteen

So, you’re a great photographer…now what? Are you ready to develop and produce a body of work over a 13-month period?

Thirteen lets you do exactly that. Plus complete 12 assignments over a 12 month period to really pack your portfolio full of punch. By month 13, you’ll be ready to present yourself to the world.

You’ll meet with mentors once a month for a one-day groups sessions to receive support, feedback and your next assignment.

This package includes presentation of your work to a panel of industry experts and exhibition, to really build up your practising credentials.

It’s All Gone Technical

Painting with Light

Get your head around light, techniques, tips and tricks.

In this program, you will develop an understanding of the essential principles, techniques and equipment for lighting a variety of situations.

Through hands-on practice, personalised assignments, visual presentations and conversations with your mentors, you will expand your understanding of photographic lighting for analogue, digital and video work.

The Perfect Negative

Wanna go retro?

In this program, you will learn how to create the perfect film negative (Colour or Black  &  White).    

We will cover manual camera functions, the full principles of exposure, understanding and selecting the best film for your projects and analysing your negative to further develop your understanding.   

Each week you will be given a weekly assignment and Rewind Photo Lab will process your film and provide prints for group review

  • Processing costs are an additional fee

Where can I find out more or sign-up?

If you know a creative out there who’s ready to engage with photography, a budding photographer in need of a confidence boost or you’re ready to upskill yourself then get in touch! We can help you decide which package could work for you or a loved one.

Happy learning!